Crime Free Multi Housing

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The Crime Free Multi Housing program is designed to bolster the relationship between the police and business communities while helping the business communities take control of their livelihoods.

What is  Crime Free Multi Housing?

A “Crime Free Building” is one that has met the minimum standards specified in this program. The aim of the program is to reduce the opportunity and motivation for committing a crime  or damage to the property.  The program enables a community to become strong and act as one to make their home safe and free from tenants who bring crime into the building.  As an owner or manager it is intended to reduce liability, vulnerability and to give support to remove unwanted persons who commit criminal acts, the program will improve the employee workplace and reduce customer fear of criminal activity.

Why Do We Need This Program?

Generally speaking, criminals look for the greatest return with the least risk or effort. By making it more difficult for them to commit a crime against you or on your property, you can greatly reduce the odds of you becoming a victim or damage being caused on your property.  If you have police officers attending your building on a weekly or nightly basis then this program will reduce these calls for service.