Procrastination – 6 Ways To Move Forward

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog completion | procrastination

We all have the ability to procrastinate. Here are six ways to help you get past the excuses and onto the task at hand.

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5 Tips To Make Attractive & Functional Storage Shelves

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog bookshelves | home decorating | organize | personalize

Bookshelves are a great piece of furniture to accent a room as well as store and organize a variety of items. When a bookshelf becomes just a place to put things so they’re out of the way, then it’s n…

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Vacation Home Rentals Save You Money

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog advantages | pitfalls | save money | vacation rental home

If getting together with family and friends is an enjoyable part of a holiday, consider renting a vacation home together. Financially it makes sense and it’s a great way to connect and spend quality t…

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Keep The Traffic Flowing

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog home decorating | traffic flow

Not a lot of space in your living room or family room? With the right sofa to set the room off in colour and style – Better Homes & Gardens suggests trying to rearrange your room to make the most…

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Independence: Moving Out For The First Time

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog finances | independence | moving out

It’s one of the rites of passage – moving out of home. Generally moving out of mom and dad’s house happened when we were 19-24, depending on schooling and finances. Given the cost of university, housi…

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Making A Home With Limited Space

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog decorating | living space

Renting an apartment has many benefits but it comes with a finite amount of space to decorate, white walls (usually) and limitations by rental rules and landlord laws. When it comes to decorating your…

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Are You Ready To Live With A Roommate?

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog living together | rooming | roommate

Choosing a roommate should not be entered into lightly. Students and seniors often have a roommate for companionship or to save money. If you’re thinking of a roommate, you first need to decide if you…

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Is Your Home A Good Investment in BC?

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog affordability | renting | renting versus buying | return on investment

If the experts are right about the BC housing market set to decline in 2012, it makes you wonder how good an investment buying a house really is? Is your home a good investment? We were brought up to…

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Key Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Blog maintenance | management | renting

Not all rental units are managed the same. When looking at an apartment, we recommend you have a list of questions to ask the landlord, test all the appliances which are included in the unit (to ensur…

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Welcome to our Blog!

Written By: Abbotsford Apartments Announcements

Our new Abbotsford Apartment Blog will be officially launching shortly.

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