Renting an apartment has many benefits but it comes with a finite amount of space to decorate, white walls (usually) and limitations by rental rules and landlord laws.

When it comes to decorating your rental apartment, you can still create a space that’s you without losing your security deposit. Here are just a few suggestions from some of the experts to make the most of the square feet while showing off your personality:

  • Armless furniture
  • Ottomans which seat and store
  • Graphic-patterned pillows on furniture
  • Use stylish boxes to store papers and busy-looking items
  • Area rugs – hide an ugly carpet and anchor the furniture in your room
  • Lamps create warmth in a room – try placing on a stack of books for a different look
  • Leave room between objects on a free-standing bookcase – cramming is unattractive and be sure to include some personal items like souvenirs and photos

Some easy furniture ideas:

  • Push two ottomans together to create a coffee table
  • Fabric-covered cushions serve as emergency seating
  • Skirted tables and small bookshelves create instant storage or an eyesore cover-up

If you can see the back of your sofa, place a narrow glass-topped console behind it. Add a chair and you have an instant workspace or remove the chair and you have a food buffet when entertaining.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Remember that objects leaning against a wall or free-standing are just as attractive as pictures and don’t leave holes in the wall – i.e. a surfboard, a branch, a large vase filled with decorative twigs, etc…


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