Procrastination is probably the most unproductive habit known to mankind. It stifles your personal growth, drains your bank account, robs your children of a better life and limits your choices in life.

Yet, 95% of us procrastinate! Most procrastination is caused by fear, lack of certain skills or lack of motivation. Fearing the unknown is widely spread among all of us and probably the number one reason why we stay in jobs we dislike or in unsatisfying relationships. In other words, we settle for less.

Every week, ask yourself:

  • Do I like how and where I live?
  • Do I like the person I live with?
  • Do I like my job?
  • Are my finances in order?

How Can I Change?

You need new skills to overcome this limiting habit. It is like dealing with any kind of addiction and requires education, determination and help from others.

Old Habits are Breakable

Most of us would agree that old habits are hard to break. Start small. For example, instead of leaving dishes in the sink overnight, make a habit to put them in the dishwasher and just turn the button to “ON”. The next morning you will start your day in a better mood and with hope for the future.

Put a deadline on every project. Implement a small reward for each of your jobs. Choose a specific time and write it on your calendar. You can even use the good old kitchen timer to better manage your time.

Positive Thoughts, Possible Success

Negative thoughts will drain you emotionally and physically. Avoid the company of negative people, those who are forever complaining about how hard life is, blaming their families, friends and the government for not having enough money, education, a beautiful home or a car.

De-clutter and organize every room in your home. Throw out things that are broken, soiled, ripped or rusty. Donate things you don’t use or like.

Create some activity zones where you keep supplies and important papers. It pays to have a portable filing box, where you keep all your financial records, medical records, tax records, vital documents, travel information, upcoming cultural events, hobbies, etc.

Recycle the flyers in your mail box on a daily basis. Sort through your magazines and cut out the articles you want to keep. Either store them in three ring binders, or scan them on your computer. Donate books you no longer want or read to the library, hospitals or Rotary clubs.

Your Clothes & Closets

Excuses for keeping the clothes you don’t like or don’t fit are endless. Start by pulling everything out of your closet. Sort them into categories, so you know what you have. Try the clothes on and only keep the clothes that fit and make you feel good.

Donate the rest to women’s shelters, thrift shops or your family and friends. Keep in mind that we only wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time.

The Tradition of Giving Gifts

We all feel good when somebody is thinking of us and gives us a gift. Our homes, however, are filled with useless gadgets that nobody uses or needs. In my opinion, the best gift is the gift of time we spend with the people we love. Another great idea I practice with my family and friends is a gift certificate to restaurants, cultural events, sporting events etc. Exchange memories not clutter.


When you choose “I did it my way”, the popular song by Frank Sinatra, your confidence will soar and your motivation to do things will improve tremendously.

About the Author: Ranka Burzan is a professional organizer, presenter, author and owner of Solutions Organizing Simple. Ranka’s energetic, non-judgemental and motivational style helps clients get and stay on top of spaces.
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