Decorating your home for the holidays shouldn’t give you more stress. Christmas is stressful enough when you add in work, travel, family and shopping at packed malls. Only decorate if you enjoy doing it.

To help make your holiday decorating easier, we have these decorating suggestions which are aimed at saving you money and getting the job done with less stress and time.

Au natural:

Evergreen pruning are natural, biodegradable and easy to drape across the mantle or on a foyer table.

Downsize the tree:

A smaller tree has the same impact but is easier to handle and decorate.


To fill your home with the smells of Christmas, simmer orange slices, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water on the stove.


Add floating candles to a clear bowl of water filled with a little food colouring.


Choose two or three decoration types and stick with them. It avoids clutter and makes set-up and take-down easier. Purchasing the decorations on Boxing Day, garage sales and when on sale enables you to amass the amount you need to make the right impact in any room.

For example, candles. They’re romantic and easily grouped together (on protected surfaces). You can vary the type of candles – tapers, votives, columns or themed candles – but stick to a single colour or use a colour theme.

Another suggestion is glass bulbs. They’re available in an array of colours and inexpensive. Group them together on a string or from fishing wire and hang them as a swag on the wall, in the windows or place them in groups on the mantel. Tuck around the base of pillar candles, hang from chandeliers or dangle from the banister.

Try wrapping wire ribbon around everyday items, such as potted plants, lamps and banisters. Use the same ribbon and you’ve created a matching theme from room-to-room.


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