When it comes to gardening, whether it be a plot of land or a small container, a successful harvest depends on the type of soil you use, moisture and sunlight.

At Abbotsford Apartments we want you to have a pleasant outdoor space, but please remember these rules for apartment balconies.

Rules for Enjoying Apartment Balconies:


  • Do not feed wild birds.
  • Nothing is to be hung on a patio railing.
  • Do not sweep anything off a patio deck.
  • No storage or garbage can be left on a balcony.
  • No bird feeders can be hung or placed on a patio or a balcony.
  • To operate a gas or electric barbeque, on your patio or balcony, you must have the appropriate insurance coverage. NOTE: Please provide your building manager with a copy of your insurance.

For the avid horticulturists planning a container garden, we recommend these few adjustments so you, too, can yield the same satisfaction that gardeners share alike. Given the space of your patio or balcony, consider:

Container Gardening on Your Apartment Balcony?


Here are some things to consider.

Select your Seeds to Succeed.

Choose your seeds (or plants – if using nursery stock) wisely for type, exposure (sunlight or shade), size and if there is a container designation located on the seed packet.

Label as you Plant.

When your seeds start to sprout, they are difficult to tell apart. Twigs or Popsicle sticks and a permanent marker make labels that will withstand the elements.

Group Plants Wisely.

Your seeds need to be compatible with the exposure your balcony receives.

Take Notes as you Garden.

Keep your seed packets for the valuable plant and growing information contained on them. You can even create a spreadsheet and keep track of your seedlings over the years such as, when sowed, where and when.

Choose the Right Soil for Container Gardening.

Synthetic soils, commonly made of wood chips, peat moss and sawdust, are best suited for container plants.

Remember: Water your Container Gardens Enough — and Not Too Much!

Plants in containers on apartment balconies are susceptible to drying out. Don’t forget to water your plants. But, please ensure you have a tray under the pot to catch any excess water.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com, gardeningknowhow.com

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