Live with Us

As British Columbia’s fifth largest city, Abbotsford is located in the Fraser Valley with a mix of urban and country living. Here you’ll find Abbotsford International Airport, University of the Fraser Valley, BC Transit & HandyDART service and a community filled with leisure and recreational opportunities for young and old.

Our Managers Are People – Just Like You, Our Tenant

We manage every apartment complex we own, ourselves. Our team of resident and building managers share our attention to detail from the landscaping to the common rooms.

Our managers endeavour to build good relationships with our residents and respond to repair requests promptly. This, combined with our fair-minded business approach, is a win-win solution for all living with us at Abbotsford Apartments.

Buildings Designed With Residents In Mind

All applicants to Abbotsford Apartments are screened in person by our resident and building managers. We strive to find the perfect fit to meet the applicant’s needs.


Typically, families rent on the first floor because we realize young families have active children and safety concerns.


We have a number of adult-orientated buildings. Although we love our senior residents, we’re unable to accommodate individuals requiring care home amenities.  There are, however, many senior care homes located close to Abbotsford Apartments. We’re pleased to provide a bridge for our residents and their senior family members needing care.


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